Studio D

The Hideout’s Studio D is our hybrid recording, mixing and Dolby Atmos mix room. Perfect for songwriting, vocal overdubs and mixing.

Apple Mac Pro
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4
Avid Pro Tools Ultimate 2022.4.0
32 Ch Antelope Audio Orion HD 32 i/o
Plugin List

Dangerous Music Monitor ST
M&K MPS-2510P (available on request)
Genelec 8361A (3)
Genelec 8351A (4)
Genelec 8341A (4)
Genelec 7380A 15” Subwoofer

Neve 1073LB (2 available)
BAE 312A
API 512C (2 available)
Focusrite Red 7

API 560B

Radial Workhorse

Retro STA-Level Compressor
Inward Connections Brute Limiter
Tube Tech CL-1A


Radial JD7

Studio D Dimensions:

Control Room Dimensions - 15’W x 19’D x 9’H (295sf)
Live Room Dimensions - 11’W x 11’D x 9’H (120sf)

Studio D Gallery
Microphone List
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High speed internet and wireless access available