Studio D

The Hideout’s Studio D is a multi-use room with vocal booth, perfect for mastering, songwriting, and other music and vocal production.

Yamaha NS-10 Nearfield Monitors
BareFoot MicroMain 27 Midfield Monitors
Crane Song LTD Avocet

Neve 1073LB (2 available)
Chandler Limited GERM 500 (2 available)
Radial Workhouse
Focusrite Red 7 Mic Pre & Dynamics
GML 8302 (2-channel)

API 550b
Pultoc EQP-1A3 (2 available)

SSL G-384 Bus Compressor
Inward Connections Brute Limiter
Neve 8801 Channel Strip
Retro STA-Level Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X
BSS DPR 402 (2 available)
Manley Stereo Variable – Mu Compressor
Kemper Profiler
Dangerous Compressor
Focusrite Red 3 Compressor (2 available)
Axe-Fx 2

Eventide H3000SE
TC Electronics System 6000 Reverb
Lexicon 480L (2 available)
Lexicon 960L

Lynx Aurora 16
Avid 192 HD I/O D/A Converter

Radial JD7

Avid Pro Tools 12 HD

Studio D Dimensions:

Approximately 15’W x 20’D x 9′H