The Hideout Recording Studio Story

In 2009, with noted acoustician Carl Yanchar, the studio altered a 12,500 square-foot floor plan and improved the sonic integrity of 7,000 square feet of studio space. This expansion included a purpose-built 1,200-square-foot orchestra-ready tracking room to accommodate live big-band performances. They teamed up with Solid State Logic to add a 96-channel SSL Duality to the new rooms. As the business and technical savvy grew, the local music scene grew, and the industry began to change.

In January 2016, the studio was acquired by award winning producer/engineer Kevin Churko and his family. Churko created a permanent studio home for himself while maintaining the studio to continue to be available for all services.Today’s artists and engineers are more technologically focused than they’ve ever been. Live-performance recording is now every bit as important as traditional synthesized tracking, and engineers today typically mix in a combination of analogue and Pro Tools. We have expanded our services again to include mixing, mastering, and voiceover. We have expanded our production toolkit, to include both software and physical modeling synthesizers. Musicians have always had a home here, and now songwriters, composers, and beat-makers have dedicated spaces and both the analog and digital tools with which to perfect their crafts.

Our goal here is to mark our evolution as the future of the industry. The Hideout Recording Studio is a truly full-service recording and production facility in Las Vegas. We are old-school analogue and cutting-edge digital under one roof. This is a creative space with even more of the talented engineering and state-of-the-art equipment for which we’ve been known for since the very beginning.