The Hideout Recording Studio Story

In 2006, noted acoustician Carl Yanchar designed our 4-room studio in a 13,000 square-foot freestanding building from the ground up. Included in the design is Studio A, our 1,200 square- foot tracking room which includes the Solid State Logic 96-channel Duality. Studios B, C and D each are configured to optimize any recording, mixing or mastering needs you require.

In January 2016 the studio was acquired by award winning producer/engineer Kevin Churko and his family. Kevin had previously spent 4 years in Switzerland under the tutelage of world-renowned producer Mutt Lange, emerging as one of the leading engineer/producers in his own right with credits that include Ozzy Osbourne, Hinder, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, In This Moment, Shania Twain and many others. Kevin built the original Hideout in Las Vegas in 2011 but quickly outgrew the facility which is when he expanded into the current location. By acquiring The Hideout Churko created a permanent studio home for himself and his son Kane (also an award-winning producer/engineer), while continuing and expanding the commercial audio services the studio provides for the Las Vegas market. Musicians have always had a home here, and now songwriters, beatmakers and producers have dedicated spaces and tools with which to perfect their crafts.

Our goal at The Hideout is to mark our evolution as the future of the industry. The Hideout Recording Studio is a truly full-service recording and production facility. We are old-school analogue and cutting-edge digital under one roof. This is a creative space with even more of the talented engineering and state-of-the-art equipment for which we’ve been known for since the very beginning.