The Hideout Recording Studio Services

Recording Studio Rental
Audio Mix House has recording, mixing, editing, and mastering rooms available for both large-tracking and intimate vocal recordings.
Our professional vocal and multi-track mixing services are available for clients who record at our studios and elsewhere.
Dolby Atmos
Now offering Dolby Atmos Mixing!  Bring your stereo mixes to life in a truly immersive listening experience. Let us help you bring your creativity to the highest level!
Our editing engineers provide thorough, accurate digital editing for both vocal and instrument recordings. Our editing services are also available online.
Our mastering engineers will apply the final professional finish to your recordings, providing tracks ready for printing or digital distribution.
Voiceover & Commercial Production
We work with voiceover artists, as well as video, radio, theater, film, and television productions to professionally record and produce dialogue, radio and television spots, and soundtracks
Music & Recording Equipment Rentals
Our large collection of state-of-the-art and rare vintage musical instruments are available for rental, in-studio and offsite.
Rehearsal & Video Production Space
Rehearsal & Video Production Space

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