Recording Studio Rentals

Located just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, The Hideout Recording Studio has four state-of-the-art recording studios equipped with both modern and highly sought-after vintage recording gear and microphones. With 12,500 square feet of space dedicated to the recording process, our studios offer a comfortable creative vibe, even during larger tracking sessions. Your mileage won’t vary, here. We deliver beautiful professional results, 100 percent of the time.

We can accommodate any kind of band and have the space for full-orchestra rehearsals, tracking, and production. We also have smaller, more intimate spaces for people like songwriters, editors or independent/local artists with a budget.

The Hideout Recording Studio’s recording engineers have developed their crafts with some of the most successful record producers and artists in the world. Our unique recording studios have been and continue to be the birthplace of many famous productions and mixes heard on the radio, on the stage, and in film today.

When you record with us, our engineers will help you to choose and place the right microphones and instruments and guide your dynamics and equalization. We are a full-service recording studio and are happy to provide anything you need for a positive, comfortable, productive session.

We have four multi-use rooms of varying sizes available for rental. Please see our studio pages for detailed information about each recording and production studio at our Las Vegas location.

Studio A

Studio B

Studio C

Studio D

Our experienced engineers are always happy to help, and your engineers are always welcome here.  Contact us to book the studio that best fits your needs.